Circle of Friends Preschool is located in Hilton, NY. Circle of Friends is a continuation of the John Knox nursery school, which was established in 1963. The school is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and is not-for-profit.

The school shares facilities with Parma Greece United Church of Christ, but is not church affiliated. School is held in an impressive 1,922 square foot room off of the church. Parents actively support the teaching staff in operating the school. Our teachers’ only commitment is to your child’s education and enhancement. Their years of experience and the “Cooperative Approach” make Circle Of Friends the best preschool environment for any child.

What is the cooperative approach, you may ask? This means that the school is totally owned and operated by the parents of the students currently enrolled. Parental involvement is a widely recognized key ingredient in a child’s education. According the the National Association for the Education of Young Children, there should be a continuity between home and school learning. Forming close bonds with family, friends and teachers are especially important during early childhood. Close bonds are essential to forming a positive self image, confidence, and trust. Good communication between parents and teachers helps a child learn and focus more effectively in school. Good communication allows parents to reinforce the skills and concepts taught at school when they are at home. Parents volunteer their time to help the school run smoothly. On average, 4-6 helper days are required of each family- your preschooler is the helper that day and has special responsibilities and privileges for the day. Helpers provide snack for the class, and you have the opportunity to see your child enjoying their time at school. They love sharing their classroom with you! We also ask each family to join one committee per year per student. These include crafts, planning family night, graduation, and making Play-Doh. Parents can volunteer for board positions and help make decisions for the upcoming year.

For more information, use the Contact Us page, or call 392-4010.

Welcome to Circle of Friends Preschool
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