Special Moments for the Helper Child

Your child…

Before School:
  • assists with a few morning tasks to get ready for our day

  • helps open the door and welcome their friends to school
  • Free Choice Time:
  • wears a special helper badge so everyone knows it’s their turn to be the Helper
  • Clean Up Time:
  • rings the Clean Up Bell
  • Group Lesson/­ Craft Time:
  • will be selected for special activities
  • After Craft Time:
  • goes first to circle time rug
  • Circle Time:
  • sits in the special helper spot next to the teacher

  • will be in charge of the calendar and weather for the day
  • **One of your family’s Helper Days will be around your child’s birthday or half birthday. The helper child may wear a birthday crown, chose a toy from the Birthday Box, and the class will sing “Happy Birthday” to them at the end of the day.**

    Daily Routine for Helper Parent

    On average, 4-6 helper days are required of each family. Anyone from the family can be the helper…Parents, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, or Caregiver.

    **Please refrain from cell phone use unless for an emergency**

    Before School:
  • Arrive to school at 8:45 to assist child helper with their “helper jobs”

  •  Greet children when school begins at 9:00
  • Free Choice Time:● Encourage and participate in play time with children
    Clean Up Time: ● Assist children with putting toys away properly
    Group Lesson / Craft Time:● Help teachers distribute materials
    After Craft Time:
  •  Put children’s craft into the mailboxes

  • Wash off table using spray bottle and paper towels.

  • Wash glue brushes and paint brushes with soap and water in kitchen
  • Circle Time: ● Join in circle to participate in activity and help teachers where needed
    After Circle Time: ●  Help children put coats and boots on