Does my child need to be potty-trained in order to attend preschool?
We understand that each child is different and that potty-training completely may take longer for some children than others. Training pants are acceptable.

What does “cooperative preschool” mean for our parents?
Caring enough to go the extra mile.
Ownership of the preschool by the parents.
Offering our time and talents to help the preschool.
Participating in the classroom on helper days.
Experiencing special days and field trips along with our children.
Reaching fundraising goals to help keep our tuition costs low.
Assisting the teachers on committees (crafts, playdough, clean-up).
Treasuring precious moments with our preschoolers.
Involving the whole family (Father’s Night, Family Night, Pet Days).
Volunteering to be part of our preschool board.
Encouraging others to join our preschool family!

How many helper days and who can be a helper?
On average, 4-6 helper days are required of each family. Anyone from the family can be the helper…Parents, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, or Caregiver.

Are children welcome at open house and tours?
Yes, children are welcome and should visit our facility! Touring the preschool and seeing the teachers interact with the other children are the best ways to develop a feeling if the setting would be a good fit for your child. Please call us at 392-4010 to schedule a visit in our classroom!