What our parents say about Circle of Friends . . .

My son has truly blossomed this year in Pre-K 3yr old class. I can’t thank the teachers enough for providing a loving, supportive, caring and compassionate environment and building trust day one. I know he is learning, growing and building friendships each class which has made this transition so easy. Looking forward to all the fun we will have in Pre-K 4!


We signed our daughter up at Circle of Friends and found that it was so much more than a preschool. Her teachers and friends became her second family and every day she was welcomed with smiles and hugs. She had the opportunity to learn and play for two years in the most loving environment. Circle of Friends prepared her for Kindergarten academically, while allowing her to foster friendships through play. We will never forget our COF family!


I can’t thank Circle of Friends for their dedication to both of my boys! They went to school every day with a smile on their face and came home with lots of stories about how wonderful their day was. Not only were they academically ready for Kindergarten, they also started off their school journey with a positive experience that made them excited to learn!


Being the first year of preschool for my daughter and her first real experience away from me, we couldn’t be more pleased with circle of friends. The teachers are so welcoming and extremely comforting. They are fully aware of this transition for kids and make the best of each day! Our daughter loved going to school and telling us all about the special activities she did every day! Age appropriate activies specifically for them to feel confident in learning new skills! What a wonderful place for any child to have their first school experience!


This is by far the best preschool program around! My daughter LOVED going to school and she loved her teachers! Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Phillips are wonderful and you can tell that they truly care about each child as an individual. We felt confident with dropping our child off because we knew that she was in great hands! We participated in the Hilton Pre-K lottery thru the school the year before joining Circle of Friends. I can honestly say that not only was my child more excited to go to Circle of Friends than she was to go to the lottery program, but she learned so much more! My daughter is ready to go to Kindergarten in September, and I’m confident in sending her because Circle of Friends prepared her for it!