What our parents say about Circle of Friends . . .

It has been such a pleasure to send both of my boys to Circle Of Friends Preschool. The teachers are so loving, patient, and understanding to each and every child’s needs. The cooperative aspect of this school is wonderful for parent evolvement. Seeing your child’s face light up on their special helper days is priceless. Our youngest child has been to several preschools and COF by far has had the best parent/teacher communication. You just can’t find that same care anywhere else. The education my sons have received here has been an excellent foundation for Kindergarten. I have loved being apart of this preschool family so much that my husband makes jokes that I would want to have a third child just so I could send him/her to COF.
Emily Cisz

I have been involved with Circle of Friends for 8 years with now having my 3rd enrolled. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the teachers, the program and especially the ability to interact with my child as a helper. I had a choice of 2 other preschools which were comparably priced and chose Circle of Friends because Mrs. Schaller, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Phillip are exceptional and fantastic with the children.
My sons have learned so much through Circle of Friends and all were very well prepared for Kindergarten both socially and academically. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone who would like to stay involved with their children through their preschool experience and are looking to get the most for their money with early learning.
Christine Sanna

Circle of Friends Preschool has been such an amazing experience for our three children. Our family has been incredibly grateful to be part of a cooperative preschool. It is so much fun to spend helper days with our children – sharing in the free play with our kids, getting to know our children’s first friends, watching the adorable interactions between students and their teachers. On special days, when we are all together, such as our Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Santa’s Visit, Family Night, as well as at our field trips, it truly feels like we are one big preschool family! We have three amazing teachers, who give so much of themselves to make this school what it is. Even on the gloomiest January days, these women bring bright smiles and warm hugs to the classroom. They celebrate our children’s successes, give careful guidance when they need help, comfort boo-boos and sad feelings, and listen to parents always. Being part of the school board has given me the opportunity to give back to the preschool and help guide its direction for the future. It is a wonderful school, and our children have enjoyed every day.
Melissa Hix

Being involved with Circle of Friends pre-school was an amazing experience for our whole family. It allowed me to really be so involved in my daughter’s pre-school experience, and provided memories I will always cherish. My son can’t wait until it’s his turn to actually be able to ‘stay’ at pre-school. When we would drop my daughter off, he never wanted to leave! I look forward to making these memories with him next year.
Natalie Ciao

Circle of Friends Preschool was a perfect fit for my family! When we looked at preschools for our oldest son, I would like a school but something was always missing. When we looked at Circle of Friends, I knew we had found the right place. I knew because my son felt comfortable enough while we were looking at the school to walk away and sit down with the students. The teachers are truly the best!! The children and parents love the teachers! They are so dedicated to your child in making sure that they are ready for next step in their education. As a parent, I loved the involvement you have in the school. It is awesome for you and your child when it is their helper day. They are so proud to bring you in and help get snack ready and of course, ringing the bell for clean up was my son’s favorite thing to do! We truly loved our two years at Circle of Friends so much so that there was never a doubt in our mind that when our other son was old enough he too went to Circle of Friends. We are very proud of our Circle of Friends graduates and their teachers!”
The Mosher Family

This is the second year that our family has been a part of Circle of Friends Preschool. I love that I can be a part of my child’s first schooling experience, and watching the teachers makes me feel even more sure that this is a great program. The teachers are so patient and caring and really take the time to work with each child.
Also, as a parent of a child with multiple severe food allergies, I feel that the teachers and other parents are made aware of our situation; they have been extremely accommodating and work hard to make sure that my child is included with snack-time and other activities where food is involved. This is a loving and caring environment and I feel like we have a family at Circle of Friends Preschool!
The Gruener Family